Vuna Values

While on the Road: How it Began 

If we were to do this right, we’d brew us each a cup of coffee, break out the cake and have a chat about Sara’s move to Tanzania in 2007 and the coffee farmers that became her mentors. Or how Sara met Winnie, a master of coffee quality (now with too many coffee accolades to list), who is based out of Tawain. Then there’s Dennise who connects the craft and the trade with the digital business and dry wit. But really, we’ll have to make due with the short story here.

Our Story

Simply put, Vuna Coffee Rituals was inspired by a road trip in Europe that lacked easy access to delicious coffee during the pandemic.

And so it began with one goal in mind– to never worry about where to find great coffee! We want to have an outstanding roast at our fingertips and be able to brew it easily without needing any equipment

Coffee Science & Innovation

At our coffee lab in Taiwan, we experimented with all kinds of brewing systems and product research and development. The funny thing was, we ended up taking inspiration from tea bags! A technology over 100 years old finally meets coffee.

To create the ideal—100% sustainable coffee bag, countless tasting and roasting sessions were conducted, together with the brewing bag material testing. We finally nailed the formula after a very caffeinated 4-month period. 

Building Our community

When we felt like we nailed the coffee blends, most of Europe was still in lockdown. We decided to take a risk, and launch Vuna Coffee Rituals 100% digitally. It was not an easy decision because no one could taste the coffee first. We spent a lot of effort visually telling our coffee blend’s stories to connect to the coffee taste. We connected with different communities to learn how the simplest brew could benefit them.

All that effort paid off when we launched on Kickstarter in April and got funded within 72 hours. The campaign helped us reach approximately 200 customers and we spent the following month shipping out over 7000 coffee bags all over the world. 

Coffee with Relationships

Vuna Coffee Rituals was created sustainably while focused on developing transparent relationships with coffee producers at origin and paying fair prices for the coffee we buy. This is our commitment to ensuring we contribute to and only work through a healthy coffee supply chain, for everyone involved. We can’t think of working any other way.

Coffee with Worldwide Colleagues

We are proud to source coffee from responsible and socially invested producer organizations and cooperatives in Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia. We’ve known some of our producers personally for years, and have created new partnerships through our work in the Vuna Coffee Rituals lab. 

For more info of the blend composition, please see the following links:

Rise & Shine

Fruit Splash

Tangy Pop

Mellow Bello

100% Biodegradable Packaging

We are committed to caring for the environment, and using only 100% biodegradable packing. Travel broadens the mind and deepens your appreciation of the world. Through our own research and development efforts and coffee network in East Asia, we have identified certified biodegradable manufacturers. Through an incredible amount of time, effort and cost, we are proud to be able to offer a 100% biodegradable packaging to our customers.

Coffee Brew bag: PLA filter made of corn starch. It is biodegradable and carbon-neutral. Ours comes with GreenPla certification by Japan BioPlastics Association

Outer zipper bag: PLA made of corn starch. It is resealable, biodegradable and carbon-neutral. They are certified with OK compost Home standard by TÜV AUSTRIA

Press Feature

We are honored to be featured in the leading coffee media with great feedback. See below on what they have to say about our simplest brew coffee bags.

"Vuna Coffee Rituals coffee isn't just easy to make, it also delivers great flavors and mouthfeel in a small package....Nice body and fruity characteristics that made it a pleasure to drink" - Chris Ryan, Coffee Industry Writer/Editor

"Most consumer-focused coffee startups begin with a concept for the finished product, then iron out the supply chain details later. By contrast, a new line of single-serve coffee products called Vuna Coffee Rituals has sprung from a deep well of specialty coffee industry knowledge, particularly regarding sustainable sourcing and equity that extends to coffee farmers." - Daily Coffee News 

"Vuna Coffee Rituals is focusing on transforming mass accessibility to specialty coffee...Born in part out of the isolation of the pandemic, and a realization that more people than ever are looking to enjoy the flavors of specialty coffee" - Sprudge

The Team Behind the Coffee Bag

Our team consists of years of coffee experience, supply-chain expertise and digital business practices from around the world.

Sara: Coffee Supply Chain & Producer Relationship

Sara learned the coffee trade working alongside Tanzanian coffee producers for 5 years. Bean by bean, from harvest to harvest, together they built from nothing, award winning coffees. Sara has worked in most coffee producing countries from Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Honduras, to Ethiopia, Rwanda and Myanmar.

Sara is a certified Coffee Quality Institute® cupper.

Dennise: Digital Growth & Consumer Engagement

Dennise is responsible for overseeing everything digital for us, this means social media, website design and operations, digital marketing, analytics and beyond.

She specializes in online retail and digital growth for 15+years for upcoming and house-hold name-known brands, marketing from designer clothes, sunglasses, shampoo, sneakers, to cars, and now coffee

Winnie: Product Research & Development 

Winnie is the mastermind of bringing our mood based blends to life. Her coffee career started in Shanghai, China in 2015. She has years of developing new blends and coffee drinks for brands such as Starbucks, KFC, Coca-Cola and Pizza Hut.

Winnie is a certified Coffee Quality Institute® cupper and barista trainer.